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… Congrats to Lachlan McIntosh, the Charleston-based political consultant, whose candidate for mayor of Meridian, Miss., cruised to victory last Tuesday night.

Percy Bland is the first African-American mayor in a city with a checkered racial past. His election came almost 49 years to the day that three Meridian-based civil rights workers were murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

McIntosh said the Bland campaign had to deal with some surprising twists, including someone leaving a noose outside of the candidate’s office one night. “Obviously, Meridian has changed over the years, but it has not changed as much as one would hope,” he said.

South Carolina has its own troubled racial history, and McIntosh said that was one of the reasons the Meridian race – while not the biggest victory he has been a part of – was “one of the most personally rewarding ones.”

“My views on race and equality are the reason for my getting involved in politics,” McIntosh said. “I grew up in South Carolina, and to come to a place like Meridian and be a part of it just added to the experience and to the rewarding feeling to be a part of this.”

… But in January, Democratic consultant Lachlan McIntosh, who had run Cooper’s unsuccessful campaign against Ard, started looking into the lieutenant governor-elect’s public filing records…

McIntosh immediately noticed discrepancies, and on the afternoon of Jan. 18, 2011, he sent an email to three political reporters at The State, one at the Charleston Post and Courier and one at Free Times.

The email read: “Take a look at all of Ken Ard’s campaign expenditures since Nov. 2. It looks like he might be living off his campaign funds, which would be illegal.”

It was, one might say, the email that started it all.

It sure would be nice if Haley stopped pandering to the extremists in the tea party and instead formed a coalition with the state’s business community that would help create jobs or a coalition with teachers and principals that would help improve our public schools.

– Lachlan McIntosh, May 20 2011

Just because Mark Sanford doesn’t personally know anyone without health insurance doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Once again, this governor is putting the needs of his wine-and-cheese private school chums over the needs of working people and their children.

– SC Democratic Party Executive Director Lachlan McIntosh
December 13, 2006

Lachlan McIntosh interview

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